Education & Experience

Any goal you have, I have the tools to help you achieve it.

Can-Fit Pro Certification

My base certification on the fundamentals of personal training. Covering behavior change, proper programming, movement assessments, exercise science and more.

Pre-Script Barbell Integration Level 4

An in-depth barbell strength course. I learned proper programming, coaching and progressions of compound barbell lifts such as the deadlift, squat and bench press. These movements are key to long term results.

DTS Level 1

An in-depth movement assessment course. I learned about improving joint mobility, stability and correcting muscle or joint imbalances. Allowing me to deliver a program truly made for your body.

DTS Power Club Fundamentals

A fundamentals course where I learned the basics of power club training.

DTS Kettlebell Coach

I learned proper kettlebell coaching and programming. Allowing me to incorporate fun and effective exercises with this awesome piece of equipment.

DTS Hypertrophy

An in-depth hypertrophy/bodybuilding course. I learned the best ways to train for maximum muscle gain. This style of training is important for everyone no matter your goals!

3 Years Military Experience (Airborne Infantry with 3 RCR)

My time in the military helped shape who I am today. It gave me discipline, organization, communication skills and more. Most importantly it taught me that people are often capable of way more than they realise. That sounds corny but it's true. You can truly accomplish anything if you want it bad enough. I try to bring that energy to the gym with me everyday

ACE Personal Training

A second basic personal training certification covering a wide variety of topics.

Thibarmy Optimal Hypertrophy

An in-depth hypertrophy/bodybuilding course focused on optimized results for different individuals. Allowing me to deliver a program truly optimized for your body.

First Aid + CPR/AED